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Nation Safe Drivers / NSD Setup and Use Instructions.
Last Update : 2016/04/14
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How do I use Nation Safe Drivers (NSD)?

Answer / Solution

Activate NSD

  1. Go to Preferences > and either Location or User
    1. NSD can be activated either for locations or individual agents.  If each individual producer has their own producer code with NSD, you will want to activate NSD in the User Preferences.  Otherwise, if all of your producers in each location share the same producer code, then you would want to activate NSD in Location Preferences.
    2. The User accounts require that the Location section be setup, otherwise they will NOT work.  Location setups do not require anything extra to function.
    3. If the Agent has user level IDs, they will put those in the user section by what NSD calls them – they are User IDs, not Producer Codes – they go along with the location codes, not in place of them.
  2. Select Affiliate Products
  3. Activate Nation Safe Drivers by clicking in the checkbox next to their name and entering your producer code.
  4. Save and close out of Preferences.
  5. As for Agents OTHER than LA Insurance, they will need to contact NSD to make sure they have the ability to have user accounts, because NSD gives out the User IDs, not ITC.

How to issue an NSD policy in TurboRater:

  1. On any Auto or Motorcycle quote, a new button on the tool bar appears “Roadside”.
  2. Click on the “Roadside” button and select NSD if you have more than one vendor turned on. If only one vendor is turned on, that vendor will automatically open.
  3. Select the appropriate Effective Date and Time.
  4. Select the NSD Program, plan and 6 or 12 month term. The Contract number is filled in for you.
  5. You will have to complete the Applicant information section each time. If this information is already entered in TurboRater, it will carry over to the NSD screen.
  6. Depending on which Program is selected you may need to complete the Beneficiary and/or Vehicle sections.
  7. The Program Premiums will appear at the bottom. These may be modified if need be. You can apply them as a Misc Premium and the premium will be included into the Total Premium on the Comparison and Breakdown screens. You can apply the NSD premium to the Down Payment or have it Financed out.
  8. Once all pertinent information has been entered, select “Bridge Application” at the top of the screen.
  9. A Bridge Confirmation box will appear. By selecting “Yes” on this pop-up, the Policy will be bound once sent to NSD.
  10. Once the Policy has been bound with NSD, a link will display that will direct you to NSD’s website where you can print the forms that were bound.
  11. The NSD premium will display on your quote at a Misc. Premium, if you selected to do so. 

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