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How do I monitor the performance of each of my locations?
Last Update : 2020/05/14
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What is the Locations Performance Report

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The Locations Performance Report provides a detailed analysis of how each of your locations are performing. 

The report is located under the menu Options > Reports - Advanced. 

The Locations section provides two different reports:

These reports provide the tools for an agency owner or manager to be able to conduct in-depth analyses on each location's auto and home quoting/binding activity.

Some examples of reports in this section include: 

Location's Performance can be measured on:

    • Number of Quotes Entered in a specified time frame
    • Number of Quotes Modified (existing quotes that were changed) in a specified time frame
    • Number of Quotes Entered and/or Modified in a specified time frame
    • Number of Quotes Bound in a specified time frame 
  • In addition, certain comparisons can be made to extend the analysis, such as:
    • Quotes Entered compared to Quotes Bound
    • Specified time frames compared to other specified time frames (i.e. Jan 2011 vs Jan 2012)

The results for each report can be viewed in visual graphs such as bar graphs or pie charts as well as in list form.
In addition, specific data for each quote record can be exported (in data graph mode) to a PDF, Excel or CVS file.


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