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Protection Class Selection

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Public Protection Classification (PPC) program is used to help determine the appropriate fire premium for both resident and commercial properties. It is important for Insurance Companies to have access to the most up to date information concerning a community. It evaluates the risk to a property if a fire would occur.

The following items are considered when determining the Public Protection Classification:

  • - Fire department quality - this is determined by the type of equipment, type of workers (paid or volunteer), & how far away the nearest fire department is. This is 50% of the classification.
  • - Water Supply system - this is determined by considering the condition, distribution, how often they are inspected, how often maintenance is done, and finally, how much water would be available to extinguish a fire. This is 40% of the classification.
  • - Fire alarm & communications systems - this includes all methods of communication used if a fire happens. This could include the availability of telephone lines & systems, staffing of these systems, & quality of the dispatching system. This is 10% of the classification.

This rating program uses a rating system from 1 (which is the best) to 10 (which is the worst) to rank the community's fire protection system. The higher the rating, the higher the risk. Normally, the higher the risk the greater the premium.

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Protection Class Selection

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