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Last Update : 2018/10/15
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Where do I go to enter my company producer codes?

Answer / Solution

Entering Producer codes:

NOTE: You must have at least Location Admin access to the program to go into the Company Setup to make changes.

  1. Go to the Administration menu and select Edit Companies.
  2. Click on Edit Info to the right of the company name.
  3. This will refresh the screen and give you access to 4 fields:
      • Producer Code
      • Sub-Code
      • User Name
      • Password
        • NOTE: The User Name and Password only need to be entered if the company requires one and provides that to your agency.
  4. Click on Edit Info for each company that you want to enter a producer code for.
  5. Once you have completed entering your producer codes, click on the Save Changes button.
        • NOTE:  You must enter a producer code for all Realtime Rating Companies to get a rate.  If you fail to enter a producer code for those companies, you will get a message from the system reminding you to do so.
  6. You will get a confirmation message that your changes have been saved.
  7. To exit the screen, click on the Exit Administration button.

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