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Last Update : 2015/09/08
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How do I apply an existing quote template to all users?

Answer / Solution


  1. Go to the Quote menu, select Quote Templates, choose Auto or Home, and then on the sub-menu, select Edit Quote Template.
    • Note: You will be asked to close any open quotes(or to create a new Quote Template if you have none).
  2. A screen will come up and display all of your quote templates that you have created.
  3. Click on Load Template on the right side of the screen on the same line as the template name  that you want to apply to all users. (*Note, if you have more than one state, you will need to select the applicable state).
  4. Your quote template will open into Quote Template Mode. 
  5. Click on Save/Close Quote Template and select Yes when it asks to save your changes.
  6. The Quote Template Description box will appear.
  7. To apply this Quote Template to all of your users, check Apply Quote Template To All Users. The click on the Save button.

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