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Last Update : 2015/08/12
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How do I edit a quote template?

Answer / Solution

How to edit a quote template:

  1. Go to the Quote menu, select Quote Templates and then on the sub-menu, select Edit Quote Template.
    • Note: You will be asked to close any open quotes.
  2. A screen will come up and display all of your quote templates that you have created. 
  3. Click on Load Template on the right side of the screen on the same line as the template name  that you want to modify.
  4. Your quote template will open into Quote Template Mode
  5. Make your changes to the entry fields on this template.
  6. Once you have the entry fields set the way you want, click on Save/Close Quote Template and select Yes when it asks to save your changes.
  7. The Quote Template Description box will pop up and ask you to enter a description for your template:
    • If you do not want to rename the template you are editing, then leave the description name that displays in the field.
    • If you do want to rename the orignal template, then type in a new description over the existing name description displayed in the field. 

8.      If you wish to apply this Quote Template to all of your users, check Apply Quote Template To All Users.  If not, leave the checkbox blank.

9.      If you would like to have this template used as only your default quote template:

    • Click on Options and then Preferences.
    • On the user options on the left you will need to click on Quote Entry.
    • Then on the next screen click on either Auto or Homeowner.
    • On the next screen open the drop down for Quote Template and select the template that you want defaulted from that list.
    • Click on Save at the bottom and then Save at the bottom of the next screen and then click Close on the Preferences screen.

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