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Last Update : 2012/07/06
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How do I generate a quote letter?

Answer / Solution
  1. To generate a quote letter, you will need to open or create a new quote and rate it.
  2. Select a company from the Comparison screen.  This will take you to the quote breakdown screen.  From here, click on Agency Letters under the Forms menu.


  3. The Agency Quote Letter screen will appear with 3 default templates (Renewal Letter, Follow Up Letter, and Cancellation Letter) in addition to the letters that you have created. Choose the quote letter template that you wish to use to generate a letter by clicking on Select next to the name of the letter.

  4. The letter will appear in the Form Viewer window. 


  5. To print the letter, click on the printer icon and make your selections from the Print selection box that appears.

  6. To email the letter, click on Email Agency Quote Letter and complete the email form and then click on the Send button at the bottom of the screen.  You can enter as many email addresses as you wish.  You can also add any additional note to the email in the Message box. The quote letter will be attached to the email as a *.PDF form.




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