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Last Update : 2015/08/12
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How do I create a quote template (set my own default entry fields)?

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How to create a quote template:

  1. On the Quote Entry Screen, go to the Quote > Quote Templates, select your line of business and then Create Quote Template.  NOTE:  If you have any open quotes, you will be asked to close them out.
  2. This will start the Quote Template Mode (This title will appear in red text in the top middle of the screen).
  3. Select your default entries in each field on each tab.
  4. Once you have each entry field set the way you want, Click on Save/Close Quote Template at the top right of the screen. 
  5. To save your settings, click Yes to the prompt: Would you like to save the changes to your quote template?
  6. Enter a Template Description.  The Template Description will be the name of the Quote Template.
  7. If you wish to apply this Quote Template to all of your users, check Apply Quote Template To All Users.  If not, leave the checkbox blank.
  8. Then click Save.

To assign a quote template to a user:

  1. Log in as the user
  2. Go to The Gear > Preferences
  3. Select Quote Entry and then choose the line of business
  4. Under Quote Template, choose your desired quote template and click Save.

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