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Last Update : 2015/08/27
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How do I submit a rating discrepancy to ITC?

Answer / Solution
  1. You will need to submit a Quote Research form via email or fax.
  2. We will need a copy of either the company quote, dec page, or manual page to show the difference.
  3. To email the Quote Research form to ITC:
    • Go to the Company quote breakdown screen in TurboRater.
    • Click on the Help menu at the middle of the screen.
    • Select Request Quote Research.
    • The Request Quote Research entry screen will open.
    • All entry fields must be completed.  The form will not submit until all required fields are complete.
    • Once this is completed, click on the Print/Preview Research Request Form button at the top of the screen.
    • As soon as the form appears, click on Email Research Request Form.
    • The Email Form screen will appear.  The To: field & Subject line will be prefilled; the Request Quote Research form will be attached.
    • You will need to attach the supporting documentation to the email (Company dec page, company quote or company manual page), after first saving it to your computer.  To attach this additional documentation:
      • Click on the Click here to attach additional files link under Attachments
      • Click on the Browse button to find the supporting documentation and attach it to this email. 
    • Once you have everything you need to send to ITC, click on the Send button at the bottom of the screen.
      • NOTE: ITC will process your request in the order it was received.  We strive to respond to all requests within 5 business days. You will be notified via email of the request resolution. If you haven't received a response within 5 business days, please check your SPAM or Junk folder(s).
  4. If you are unable to send an email from TurboRater or attach files, you can fax them to 1-800-687-5454.  To print the research request form:
    • Follow the steps above, however, instead of clicking on the Email Research Request Form, click on the printer icon from the form preview screen.
  5. To exit the Form View, click on the Exit Research Request Form button at the top of the screen.

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