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American Freedom Bridge Install
Last Update : 2020/12/04
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Question / Issue
How do I set up and install the American Freedom Bridge?

Answer / Solution

    1. Go to American Freedom’s website - - there are 2 links labelled "Comparitive Rater Bridge - ITC", one for IN and one for IL - the IL one is not working at this time.

  • The one for the IN can be used everywhere.

    2. Click on Run from the File Download – Security Warning box that appears.

    3. Click on Run from the Internet Explorer – Security Warning box that appears.

    4. Click on the Unzip button on the upper right side of the screen.  We recommend that you leave the default path displayed in the Unzip to folder entry field.

    5. You will receive a confirmation message once all of the files have been unzipped.

    6. The installation wizard will start up.  Click on Next from the Welcome screen.

    7. Click on Yes from the Software License Agreement screen.

    8. Click on Next on the Choose Destination Location screen.

    9. Click on Next on the Select Program Folder screen.

    10. Click on Finish on the Setup Complete screen.

    11. Run the setup program again - this time change the install path by removing the (x86) from it.  This will make sure that it can be run no matter where the bridge path points to.

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