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Last Update : 2020/08/19
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Question / Issue
Why is my rate in TurboRater different than the rate I get when I bridge to Safeco?

Answer / Solution

ITC does not manufacture the rates in the Comparative for Safeco.  ITC sends the quote information to Safeco's server to return a rate based on the quote information that you have entered.


First items to check on the quote:

  •       Did you answer the education, occupation and prior insurance questions?
  •       Did you answer "other" to any of them.
  •       Did you enter a vin in both systems?
  •       MVR, Clue and credit may have made an impact.

Additional Information that was sent out to all users previously: 

      • Just a reminder that Safeco uses assumed credit in ITC, not live credit in giving ITC the real time rate.  They use our best/worst/ etc assumed credit levels.
      • When you bridge to Safeco, you will order a live score from the Safeco site. In many cases the rate will then NOT match what ITC displayed for the real time rate, due to the assume credit level selected in ITC.
      • This is Safeco’s decision to do this.
      • Note: All quotes do give a warning message that the rate is based on an assumed credit level. You can change this to Average or Worst to see the difference in those rates for example.
      • If this doesn't answer your questions, you will need to contact Safeco's customer service or your sales rep for additional assistance:
      • Some agents may experience a "Page Expired" error message when bridging. Close the tab and try to bridge again. May need to be retried a few times but should go through. This issue is with their website.
      • For Safeco Homeowners quoting, be sure that the number of bathrooms are entered otherwise a vague error message will occur on rating: This activity is incomplete and has not yet been rated.(-1)  


NOTE: The payment plans are also returned with the rate from Safeco.

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