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Last Update : 2015/08/26
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How do I create, print or email an ID card from a blank ID form?

Answer / Solution
  1. On the top menu, click on FORMS, then ID Card, then Blank ID card
  2. If you are in multiple states, you will be required to specify which state. 
  3. Then indicate the number of drivers and vehicles to be included on the ID Card. 
  4. A blank ID Card form will appear, just complete the Insured, Company, Driver, and Car Information
  5. Then select Print/Preview ID Card on the top bar menu.
  6. The ID card will appear in a PDF format.

Note: A PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader is required to view forms.  If you don't currently have a PDF viewer, you can download Adobe Reader for free (a link to download Adobe is available below under Related Links).

    7.  To email the form:

    • Click on Email ID Card located on the top menu bar.
    • Complete the Email Form.
    • Click on Send at the bottom of the screen

    8.   To print the ID card, click on the printer icon from the menu bar just below the top menu bar.

    9.   To close the Form Viewer, click on X Exit ID Card.

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