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Last Update : 2015/08/26
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How do I set up and install the Newport bridge?

Answer / Solution

 1.     You will need to go to Newport’s website and login. You can find a link to the website in the next step.  

2.     Click here to access Newport’s website.  

3.     Click on the My Account menu tab.

4.     Click on Get ITC Bridge File.

5.     Click on Download File.

6.     Click on Run to download and install the file or click Save to save the file to the computer so that you can run it later(be sure you know where you saved it to). The name of the file will be Newport_bridge_installer.exe.

7.     When the \newport_bridge_installer.exe screen appears, click on the Browse button to select the C: drive. 

8.     Click on the drop down arrow and locate the C: drive. Highlight the C: drive and click on Set.

9.     Then click on the Extract button on the upper right side of the screen.  This will extract the bridge files to the C: drive.

10.   You will receive a message that all files have been extracted, click OK

11.   To close the bridge installer screen, click on Done. 

12.   You may now bridge your quotes from TurboRater to Newport.

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