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How to setup Hawksoft integration with TurboRater (Anywhere/Parallels)
Last Update : 2021/11/17
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How to setup Hawksoft integration with TurboRater (Anywhere/Parallels)

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Important Notes:

  • You must have Admin rights inside TurboRater to add or modify this bridge.
  • If you do not see Hawksoft in the list please contact your sales rep at 800-383-3482 option #6.
  • Hawksoft Anywhere works by using a piece of software called Parallels which allows Hawksoft to appear to run on your local computer but is actuall running off a remote server hosted by one of two datacenters. You will need to contact Hawksoft for assistance with setting up the bridge inside TurboRater as they will need to determine what server host your account is using.
  • Software running in parallels can be identified by two vertical red slashes on the icon on your taskbar.
  • Users will have to remove their existing TurboRater Bridge inside of HawkSoft CMS and then re-add it in order to get the Home integration.
  • For this setup to work correctly, TurboRater must be launched and used from within the Hawksoft browser.

Follow these steps:

  1. If you have not already done so, install the Integration Center. Note that the Integration Center needs to be installed on the local PC, not the remote environment.
  2. Setup Agency Management Option Group in TurboRater:
    • Administration menu > Add New Agency Management Options
    • Enter a name in the Agency Management Option Name.
    • Select HawkSoft CMS XML
      • Note: You may see two selections "HawkSoft CMS" and "HawkSoft CMS XML". We recommend using the "HawkSoft CMS XML" as it is in a newer format, therefore, more information will transfer to Hawksoft.
    • To the right, click on Additional Information
    • In the field Executable Name/URL:
      • This information is current as of 02/07/2020.
      • For questions regarding your Hawksoft Anywhere bridge path, please contact Hawksoft support directly.
        Executable Name field – C:\HAW\CMS.EXE /cfg:h:\haw\hawk.ini OR E:\HAW\CMS.EXE /cfg:h:\haw\hawk.ini if hosted by the Kotter Group.
        Default Output Directory – H:\haw\transfer
        Default Output Filename – Type Transfer
        Default Output Extension – Leave as XML.
        Account Number – Leave blank
        User Name – Leave blank
        Password – Leave blank
      • Click on OK and then Save Options.
      • Click on Exit Administration.
    • In TurboRater, setup your location(s)  to use the HawkSoft CMS bridge:
      • Administration menu, select List Locations.
      • Click Edit next to the location. If you have multiple locations and will be bridging to Hawksoft you will need to do this for each location.
      • In the Agency Management Options entry field, select the management system and click Submit.
    • To setup the bridge inside Hawksoft, you also need to follow these additional steps:
      • From within Hawksoft CMS:
        • Go to Setup > Bridges from main CMS menu bar
        • Click New to open the Add Integration Item dialog
        • Select ITC TurboRater and click OK
        • Click OK to save changes and return to the Bridges dialog
        • Click OK to close the Bridges dialog

Special Note: Hawksoft Anywhere comes with options for a built-in internet browser, this browser will have the two red vertical lines on its icon indicating that its using Parallels. There is an Internet Explorer and Chrome based option, the IE version is preferred. It is best when using Hawksoft Anywhere to use TurboRater in this provided browser for maximum compatbility and bridging. Please contact Hawksoft for help with setting up this tool for quick access inside the Hawksoft toolbar at the top.

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