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How to setup Hawksoft integration with TurboRater (Remote Desktop/Terminal Server)
Last Update : 2020/06/15
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How to setup Hawksoft integration with TurboRater (Remote Desktop/Terminal Server)

Answer / Solution

Important Notes:

  • You must have Admin rights inside TurboRater to add or modify this bridge.
  • If you do not see Hawksoft in the list please contact your sales rep at 800-383-3482 option #6.
  • Users will have to remove their existing TurboRater Bridge inside of HawkSoft CMS and then re-add it in order to get the Home integration.

Next follow these steps:

  1. If you have not already done so, install the Integration Center.
  2. Setup Agency Management Option Group in TurboRater:
    • Administration menu > Add New Agency Management Options
    • Enter a name in the Agency Management Option Name.
    • Select HawkSoft CMS XML
      • Note: You may see two selections "HawkSoft CMS" and "HawkSoft CMS XML". We recommend using the "HawkSoft CMS XML" as it is in a newer format, therefore, more information will transfer to Hawksoft.
    • To the right, click on Additional Information
    • In the field Executable Name/URL:
      • If you have Hawksoft install locally or on your local network, add the drive letter, followed by a colon, where Hawksoft resides and point to the cms.exe file
      • C:\haw\cms.exe or H:\haw\cms.exe for example
      • If /USER:[UserName] is present remove it and make sure there is no spaces after the cms.exe, then click OK.
      • Click on Save Options.
      • Click on Exit Administration.
    • In TurboRater, setup your location(s)  to use the HawkSoft CMS bridge:
      • Administration menu, select List Locations.
      • Click Edit next to the location. If you have multiple locations and will be bridging to Hawksoft you will need to do this for each location.
      • In the Agency Management Options entry field, select the management system and click Submit.
    • To setup the bridge inside Hawksoft, you also need to follow these additional steps:
      • From within Hawksoft CMS:
        • Go to Setup > Bridges from main CMS menu bar
        • Click New to open the Add Integration Item dialog
        • Select ITC TurboRater and click OK
        • Enter the following settings:
          • Bridge name - leave default entry
          • Export type - leave default entry
          • Program path - delete default entry and leave blank
          • Parameters - delete default entry and leave blank
          • Path - \\tsclient\c\haw\transfer
          • Filename - itc.tt2
          • Click OK to save changes and return to the Bridges dialog
          • Click OK to close the Bridges dialog
    • To setup the import to TurboRater do the following:
      • On your local computer, create a desktop shortcut as follows:
        • Browse to C:\ICePOC
        • Locate TWEBrdg.exe
        • Right-click on TWEBrdg.exe, and then choose Send to -> Desktop (Create Shortcut).
        • Close the window and go to your Desktop.
        • Right-click on the TWEBrdg.exe shortcut, and then select Properties.
        • In the target field, add location of the hawksoft software. For example: c:\haw\transfer\itc.tt2
          • Note: Be sure to include a space before the c:\
          • The path would look like this. C:\ICePOC\TWEBrdg.exe C:\haw\transfer\itc.tt2
    • To transfer the exported file to Hawksoft, run the CMS.exe file after the file has been put in the transfer folder.
    • Another way to do this on the non-desktop version is to go to File>Import>Then select the ITC.XML file, and open it.

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