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How do I add or update leinholder information?
Last Update : 2019/09/23
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Question / Issue
How do I add or update leinholder information?

Answer / Solution
  • In the upper right corner of TurboRater, mouse over your name and select the Preferences menu.
    • You'll need Administrative privledges to access the Agency menu on the left hand side.
      • Click on Leinholders to Add/Edit/Delete leinholder information for the account.
      • After making your changes its a good idea to have all users log out and back in to TurboRater to refresh settings.

Leinholders can also be added during the quoting process by selecting Lease or Loan in the Vehicle Information section and filling in the name and information.

  • Note: The information entered this way will only be added to the list once the quote itself is saved.


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