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How to install the ITC Integration Center
Last Update : 2021/01/25
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How to install the ITC Integration Center?

Answer / Solution

To install the ITC Integration Center click this link (here) or if logged in to TurboRater go to the Help > Integration Install menu option

Run the Icesetup.exe after downloading and click next through all the prompts that appear.

Note: Under normal circumstances, no changes need to be made to the Integration Center install. Simply click next through all prompts. If your agency needs to change the default install location, please contact support ( 800-383-3482 option 4) for assistance as changing the default install location will cause carrier bridges that use the Integration Center to not work correctly.

Note: If you encounter an error such as "16-bit application" or an error stating that the software cannot be installed make sure that the PC has the .NET Framework v3.5 installed. Newer PC's or newer installs of Windows 10 may have .NET framework 4.5 or greater installed but the 3.5 version (which includes 2.0 and 3.0) must be installed for the Integration Center to work. See this FAQ for assistance

Note: Some users outside the USA will need to make sure their date format is mm/dd/yy and not dd/mm/yy in order for certain bridges to work. Please refer to our support department if you need assistance with this.

Note: The integration installer should set the file association as part of the install, though sometimes the .tt2x file may be set to open with another application. You can try to re-run the install or manually set the file assocation to open with the Integration center file handler.

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