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Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Installation Instructions Icepoc Integration center
Last Update : 2019/09/30
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Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Installation Instructions

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To install the ITC Integration Center users must have the Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework installed. Most newer PC's or fresh installs of Windows will have the newer version installed (version 4.5 and up) but may not have the older version installed.

If you encounter an error installing the Integration Center, make sure you have the .Net 3.5 Framework installed by using the guide below. This problem mainly affects Windows 10, but may also happen in Windows 8 or 8.1


1) In the Start menu or in the search bar of your taskbar, search for Control Panel


2) Open the Control Panel and navigate to the Programs and Features option

Note: If you don't see Programs and Features or a list of options like above, click on the View By: Category in the upper right corner and change to large icon


3) In the Programs and Features menu, click on Turn Windows features on or off


4) Check and make sure that the option for .NET Framework 3.5 (Includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) is marked, if not, click the white square to the left and click OK at the bottom of the menu


5) After clicking OK, Windows will search for the install files. In the window that appears choose "Let Windows Update download the files for you"

This process may take a few minutes but once completed you should be able to install the Integration Center.

Note: Some configurations of Windows may require you to restart the PC after the .NET Framework is installed.

If you encounter any problems or need assistance please contact the support department.

(800) 383-3482 - Option 4 for Tech Support

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