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How do I set up and install the Trexis bridge? (aka Alfa Vision and Specialty)
Last Update : 2020/12/02
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Question / Issue
How do I set up and install the Trexis bridge? (aka Alfa Vision and Specialty)

Answer / Solution
  1. Trexis requires a bridge installed from their website as well as ITC's Integration Center - Start Here to install the Integration center first
  2. Once the Integration center is installed, in your browser navigate to Trexis's website - Here
  3. Login to Trexis and click on Producers > Downloads > Download Bridge
  4. Select your state
  5. Select ITC from the Select Rater field
  6. Click the "Click here to get the Bridge" link
    • Note that if you are using a modern browser such as Chrome it may not download the .msi Trexis bridge automatically, if no file appears to be downloading when you click to download the bridge, right click on the button and select "Save As" and choose where you want to download the file.
    • Newer versions of Windows may also show a warning that the .msi file from Trexis is a virus or malware, you may have to navigate some menus to allow the allow the install. If you have any questions, please contact our support department at 800-383-3482 - Option 4 for support.
  7. Run the program once downloaded
  8. Click Next the Welcome to the Alfa Bridge XX(state abbreviation) Setup Wizard.
  9. Click Next on the Select Installation Folder window. 
  10. Click Next the Confirm Installation window.
  11. Once installed, navigate to the C:\Vision folder and double click on the red icon .exe program in that file
  12. The Trexis bridge program will open and you will need to enter in your Trexis producer code in the producer code field.
  13. Click the Save button and close the program.
  14. Once the Integration Center and the Trexis bridge have been installed, you will now be able to bridge to Trexis.

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