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Setup bridge for Applied Epic
Last Update : 2021/09/29
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How to set up the Applied Epic bridge

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This document is for Agencies that need to integrate Applied Epic to ITC TurboRater.  Please read the whole document prior to proceeding. You can bridge both Auto and Homeowners to Epic.


Key Points:

  • To add bridge from Applied Epic to TurboRater, you will need to contact Applied Agent Real Time Support and request the Auto and Home Bridge to TurboRater:

  • The INTDATA folder will need to be manually created on each PC that needs integration, C:\ICePOC\folder

  • Use ITC TurboRater – Web Based (Home) or ITC TurboRater – Web Based (Auto)

  • To be able to bridge a quote from TurboRater to EPIC you will need to start the customer in EPIC and then bridge to TurboRater. If you don't you will get and error upon bridging.

  • Contact your ITC representative, they will add the Applied Epic code to your TR license


Set Up in TurboRater:

  1. Go to Administration and Select List Agency Management Options

  2. Click on Add New AMS Option

  3. Fill in field for Agency Management Option Name.

  4. Put check mark next to Epic and Epic Homeowner.

  5. Click Additional Info next for either Epic or Epic Homeowner.

  6. Make sure output directory is set to where it is supposed to go to.

  7. Executable name/URL field should be left at C:\ICePOC\ExitBrdg.exe

  8. Hit Ok.

  9. Do same thing for other option as well.

  10. Click button for Save Options.

  11. Go back to Administration and Click on List Locations.

  12. Click edit next to your location.

  13. At bottom of screen there is an Agency Management Options drop down.

  14. Select name you gave for Agency Managementied Epic code to your TR license


Install the ITC Integration Center, click this link (here) or, if logged in to TurboRater go to the Help > Integration Install menu option


Run the Icesetup.exe after downloading and click next through all the prompts that appear


Note: Under normal circumstances, no changes need to be made to the Integration Center install, simply click next through all prompts.  If your agency needs to change the default install location, please contact support (800-383-3482 option 4) for assistance as changing the default install location will cause carrier bridges that use the Integration Center to not work correctly.


Note: If you encounter an error such as "16-bit application" or an error stating that the software cannot be installed make sure that the PC has the .NET Framework v3.5 installed. Newer PC's or newer installs of Windows 10 may have .NET framework 4.5 or greater installed but the 3.5 version (which includes 2.0 and 3.0) must be installed for the Integration Center to work. See this FAQ for assistance.

Setup for Applied:

  1. To add bridge from Applied Epic to TurboRater, you will need to contact Applied Agent Real Time Support and request the Auto and Home Bridge to TurboRater:

  2. Normally within 24 hours they will email you back and let you know that the request has been completed.

  3. Go to your C:\ drive and you should see a folder labeled ICePOC.

  4. Double Click on that folder.

  5. At the top of the screen you should see a button labeled New Folder.  Click on that.

  6. Name the folder INTDATA and hit enter.

  7. Setup is now complete.

*When you go to bridge to TurboRater, if you see 2 options for TurboRater make sure to Click on the one that says either TurboRater Web Based (Home) or (Auto).


If you get the following message this means that the INTDATA folder was NOT created:

Exception Details
Exception message:
Custom Bridge type could not be found.
Type of exception:
Exception source:
Exception stack trace:
at PolicyLib.ImportAUPolicy(BridgeData data, USState& state) in C:\SOURCE\TurboRater\Projects\eCMP\eCMP.Shared\AppCode\UtilityLibs\PolicyLib.cs:line 2371 at PolicyLib.ImportPolicy(BridgeData data, USState& state) in C:\SOURCE\TurboRater\Projects\eCMP\eCMP.Shared\AppCode\UtilityLibs\PolicyLib.cs:line 2060 at BridgeLoad.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) at System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e) at System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)
Exception target site:

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