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How to submit a Rate Discrepancy research request
Last Update : 2020/06/25
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How to submit a Rate Discrepancy research request

Answer / Solution

Please be prepared to attach screenshots or documents from the company or other rater so we can compare/research the difference.

To have ITC research a rate difference:

  1. From the quote Comparison Screen, locate the company and click their Select link.
  2. From this Breakdown screen, go to Help at page top, and click Request Quote Research.
  3. Below your contact info, enter rate difference details.
  4. Below, select Yes at all 3 drop-downs.
  5. At page top, click Print/Preview Research Request Form.
  6. Click Email Research Request Form.
  7. Add your email as a CC: if you'd like.
  8. The TurboRater quote information is already attached. Click link to attach additional files.
    • We need a copy of the company quote or other rater's application and quote in order to compare/research the difference between the two quotes.
  9. Click Browse to find the documents on your computer.
  10. At page bottom, click Send. 
  11. You will be notified via email when resolved.

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