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Last Update : 2009/09/03
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How can I tell which companies use Real Time Rating and which just order credit?

Answer / Solution

Real Time Rating vs credit scoring:

  1. The Comparison screen will not show any indicators for Real Time rating other than:
    • If a company does not get a rate, you will see no premium (all zeros). 
    • Also Real Time Rating companies do not display an effective date since that is sent back from the company's server.
  2. Live credit scoring companies will give you:
    • A warning message if credit was not obtained and why (hover your mouse over the warning indicator).
    • If the score was not obtained, the warning message will tell you that it is using assumed credit, if the company has provided it to ITC.
  3. You can verify which companies use:
    • Real Time Rating with credit
    • Rates programmed by ITC and order live credit
    • No credit at all for rating or does not have live credit avaliable in the Comparative rater. 
  4. To verify what credit type your company is:
    • You must be an Agency Admin to access this feature.
    • Go to the Administration menu and select Edit Companies.
    • You will see an indicator to the left of the company name (at the bottom of the screen you will see a  legend defining what the symbols mean).
    • No indicator means that the company either doesn't use credit to determine their rate or the company does not have live credit scoring available in the Comparative.  Those companies will most likely use an assumed credit level to determine the rate. 


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